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RR#2bIn the second of the Ruggles Road Rescue series, the shelter struggles with an over abundance of black cats. Meanwhile, attempts to find a forever home for Gregory, the yellow dog, hit a snag and, the volunteers discover they have one too many cats in the cat house, or is it one too few?

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the development - JT Moss2Set in the mid-sixties in upstate New York, Jan Birch is a housewife who lives in a planned development of small, cramped homes. As she struggles with a difficult marriage and an anti-social son, she finds herself involved in the murder of the neighborhood divorcee, her boss’ difficult divorce when she gets a part-time job and, eventually, falls in love with a man who may or may not be a murderer himself. Includes the short stories Coffee Clutch, Bartholi’s Rest and Mountain View Terrace.